5 Ways To Make Moving Into Your Senior Living Community Easier

Carla Adamic Outside

Moves are rarely easy. Sometimes they can be fun, even exciting, but usually not easy. As senior living experts, we are experienced in helping people move into their new home. Here are some tips we came up with through our hard-earned experience.

1. Connect With other Residents In Advance

Some people already know people at their new home. Others do not. Fortunately, senior living communities have social events and mixers that you can attend before you make your big move. Coming to visit in advance will allow you to meet people and make connections that will then be waiting for you upon your arrival.

2. Understand the Floor Plan

Different rooms have different layouts. It’s important to plan how you will use and decorate your room in advance. Have some favorite artwork? Consider where it will go before you make the move. Planning to bring in your favorite recliner? Figure out where you want to put it first.

3. Hire An Appraiser

Sometimes when we are leaving our old home, we have so much clutter strewn about we don’t know what’s worth keeping, what’s worth selling and what’s, well, worthless. Hiring an appraiser to help determine the value of what you aren’t planning on keeping can be a useful expenditure.


4. Get Help

Find out what kind of assistance your residence will give you for your move, if any. Do you have friends or family members who can help you make the move? Will you need movers? Either way, it’s important to make sure that you have the assistance you need come moving day.

5. Take Your Time 

Moving is something that doesn’t have to happen all at once. You can do things at your own pace. This move is going to be long term so there’s nothing to panic over. If a chair arrives late, it arrives late. You are in a retirement phase. You have friend. You have help. Do yourself a favor and keep the pressure level as low as you need it to be.

If you have questions or concerns about moving into a senior living community, please contact us at (925)648-2800 or visit us at rcjl.org.