5 Ways to Surprise Your Mom This Mother’s Day

Carla Adamic Outside

While there are 365 days on the Calendar, we only set aside one day for Moms. But being a mom is a full-time job. Even as we grow up and move out our mothers are still concerned with us every day and will do what they can for us whether it’s to give us love, advice or something unexpected.  How do we show all that appreciation in only one day of the year? Well, here are some suggestions.

1. Make it Mother’s WeekMoms expect Mother’s Day. It’s on the Calendar. They appreciate that it’s happening, but it’s often a one-and-done obligation and not something more. This year, go the extra mile. Put together a Mother’s Week. Give her a gift every day for seven days. Take her on a trip with the family to one of her favorite places. Cook her seven of her favorite meals.  Show her what she means to you from Sunday to Sunday.

2. Cake for Breakfast – Our moms taught us that too much cake was bad for us, but they also gave them to us on our special occasions. We looked forward to them all day. We couldn’t wait. If your mom is a cake lover, don’t let her wait. Make her cake for breakfast. Yeah, it’s defying the natural order of things, but it’ll put a big smile on her face. She’ll never see it coming.


3. Plant Little Gifts Around Her Home – Let’s say you have a sibling. While they’re out at the local diner giving your mom cake for breakfast you can sneak into her home and leave little gifts for her to find. Maybe put an “I love you” card in her sock drawer or leave her a favorite meal in a box in her refrigerator with a ribbon around it.  Be creative.

4. Sing to Her  – Not all of us are musicians. Some of us can barely carry a tune. It doesn’t matter. Singing to someone you love is always a great way to show how much you care. If you sing beautifully, she will be flattered. If you sing terribly, she will appreciate that you are willing to embarrass yourself on her behalf. For her it’s a win/win. For you? Well, you made your mom happy and that’s what’s important.

5. Have an Honest Conversation With Her – We don’t want our moms to worry about us, but sometimes not wanting them to worry can result in us blowing off their concerns and making them feel uninvolved in our lives. We can do better. If only for one day, take your mom’s questions and concerns about your life seriously and give her full and honest answers. Having an honest conversation and really knowing how her kids are doing is a bigger treat than you might think.