5 Ways You Can Volunteer to Help Seniors

Carla Adamic Outside

There are over 40 million Americans over the age of 65. That’s a substantial and growing portion of the population as people are living longer and living healthier. Supporting our seniors is the responsibility of every decent society and many of us are looking for opportunities to contribute to ease and improve the lives of our senior citizens. Here are five ways you can get involved:

1. Help A Retired Neighbor With Their Chores

As people age they become less mobile. Actions that were once easy like driving to the supermarket or cleaning their home become more burdensome. While there are paid services available to help with those needs, most seniors are on fixed and limited income. Just a few hours of your time each week can help Seniors to reapportion their expenses and schedules to be able to spend their money enjoying their golden years rather than simply enduring them.

2. Visit An Assisted Living Community

Many seniors live in places where their day-to-day needs are taken care of, but they still might wish to spend time with people outside of their communities. Some seniors who live in Assisted Living Communities have family that can’t visit often and long to form relationships with people who live nearby and feel part of a larger community. Your visits can do exactly that.

3. Join An Economic Relief Program

 While the worst of the financial crisis may have happened in 2008, many people lost a significant portion of their savings when it came time to retire and are in need of help to make ends meet. Organizations like the AARP offer volunteer opportunities to help Seniors deal with their finances from teaching programs to help people over 50 to save better, to tax aide programs to help seniors maximize their deductions during tax time.

dad-822294_6404. Home Repair and Renovation

Many volunteers don’t have the time to visit with seniors on a regular basis but still want to contribute. One way to do that is to help repair and renovate a senior citizen’s home. Fixing a door or a sink might not seem like much in the scheme of things, but when you consider how many times you go through a door or use the sink in a given day, that single act is paid forward hundreds of times.

5. Create an Event

Seniors want to feel acknowledged and appreciated and what better way to do it than by bringing your community together to create an event to salute its seniors? Holding concerts, shows, and parties in celebration of our seniors is easier than it seems and the reward of seeing the faces of smiling seniors makes the effort worthwhile.

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