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Inquiries Regarding The Reutlinger Community’s Affiliation Plan with Eskaton

To the East Bay Jewish community, The Reutlinger Community intends to affiliate with Eskaton, a Sacramento-based senior living nonprofit, to sustain our East Bay Jewish community, reflect its religious and cultural traditions and enhance its quality of care well into the future. We look forward to ongoing collaboration, discussion and transparency with our residents, their […]

Paintings of Jewish life in prewar Poland at Reutlinger

A new exhibit at the Jewish Heritage Museum at the Reutlinger Community in Danville features reproductions of famed Polish artist Moshe Rynecki’s paintings of prewar Jewish life in Warsaw. Oakland resident Elizabeth Rynecki, the artist’s great-granddaughter, discovered the journals of Moshe’s son George after his death, which inspired her to write a book called “Chasing […]

New Year and a New Lifestyle That Enlivens the Spirit

What New Year’s resolutions did you make for 2020? Even if you didn’t “officially” make any promises when the ball dropped on December 31, we imagine that you’d like the new year to be filled with happiness, friends, family and a lifestyle that engages and fulfills. “No matter how old or young we are, there’s […]

5 Reasons Why Caregivers Prefer Memory Care to Aging in Place

Ask any aging adult how they’d like to spend their senior years, and you won’t be surprised to learn that 9 out of 10 of them say “at home.” Overwhelmingly, seniors wish to remain in their current homes for as long as possible – for the rest of their lives, if they’re able to do so. […]

Seven A’s of DementiaCaregiving

Dementias such as Alzheimer’s disease are neurological disorders, which means they affect the individual’s mind and shape their perception throughout the memory loss journey. Those of us with normally functioning brains can find it confusing and frustrating when dealing with someone in cognitive decline because, simply put, their brains aren’t working the same way as […]

Dementia Grief & Loss: Adjusting After Bereavement (Part 4 of 4)

In this four-part series, we explore the stages of dementia grief and loss for those affected. Understanding the process, accepting your feelings and learning healthy ways to cope with the emotions will help you and your family during these difficult times. Walking this path is never easy, but with compassion, understanding and acceptance, you and […]