What A Continuum of Care Means for Couples

Carla Adamic Outside

Many of us are lucky enough to be in long-term relationships in which we don’t have to age alone. This kind of togetherness is beautiful and should be preserved at any cost. To have someone who is with you your whole life, sharing joys and struggles, is what makes many of us feel whole. But as we age, our health needs change. Some of us need more care than others. We might develop unique needs. For example, one member of a couple might develop a condition that requires daily nursing care while the other might only require small assistance in daily living.


Situations such as these might make the couple need to live at different places. It may become necessary to cause splits of couples that have been together for decades so each can get their necessary care and treatment as they age differently.


But it’s not necessary.  Some senior living communities feature what is called a “continuum of care” that can allow couples to age in place together, with all of their needs being met.


So what is a “continuum of care community?” Well, it means simply that a large variety of healthcare needs are met in the same place.  It means Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing, Memory Care and more are all available under one roof. It means you can get high quality individualized care in one senior living community, and still live together as you’ve become accustomed.


If one member of a couple needs memory care and the other requires special medical attention for a chronic condition, a continuum of care community means there is no need for the couple to live separately. Each person has their own course of care and treatment while being able to share perhaps an apartment, meals and a social calendar. It means partners can remain together.



To learn more about our continuum of care community and putting life into your years, visit the Reutlinger Community at rcjl.org.