Keeping Active in Winter Months Essential to Senior Health

By Carla Adamic, The Reutlinger

Carla Adamic Outside






Staying active, both mentally and physically, is important for seniors. However, as the cooler, shorter days of winter begin, keeping active may become challenging for some. But seniors who have creative minds can keep busy no matter what the weather.



After the heat of the summer has passed, seniors who enjoy the outdoors may be interested in bird watching, one of the fastest growing pastimes in America. A good manual on bird watching or a workshop at a community school can inspire interest in this hobby.


Indoor activities such as playing cards, checkers, chess, and other board games are enjoyed by many seniors and also include opportunities for social interaction. Investigate the offerings of local libraries that may sponsor board game clubs for seniors.


Those who relish knitting, sewing, or other handicrafts may enjoy teaching these skills to other seniors. Or a group of seniors could hire an instructor to teach them as a group.


Seniors who participate in aerobics classes or low-impact water aerobics in an indoor pool can keep active throughout the year.


The holidays at this time of year also provide numerous opportunities to keep busy. Many retired seniors have the time to plan family get-togethers and to add the special touches to holidays that otherwise busy relatives are unable to get to.


There are many ways to keep seniors active and healthy throughout the year. Offer your assistance in helping them find what’s right for them.