Living at The Reutlinger

A Continuum of Care

The Reutlinger is proud to offer a true continuum of care, allowing friendships to be maintained and keeping families together.

From the moment you walk in the door you feel at home. Our staff and residents open their hearts to this ever changing community. Each new resident bringing all that they know and all that they are. From the fragrant aroma of a home cooked meal to the alluring sounds of a pianist entertaining at the baby grand piano, the Reutlinger is filled with life enhancing possibilities at each turn.


Our care services include :

  • Assisted Living
  • Tikvah Center – Enhanced Care in Assisted Living
  • Sukkot Shalom – Skilled Nursing
  • Traditions – Memory Care Center


Boasting four levels of care we provide a variety of options in a supportive setting geared towards individual need, preference and taste. When a resident requires a higher level of medical and nursing care, our care options provide choices and the security of knowing they can remain under the same roof.  For our couples this honors the importance of being close to their loved ones, reducing stress and facilitating ease of access.

The contemporary décor, multiple ancillary services, world class activity and art  program all combine to promote the highest level of spiritual, social and physical growth encouraging independence while promoting health and wellbeing.

For a personalized tour please call ahead and schedule an appointment. A member of our dedicated Admissions/Marketing team will be delighted to assist you.  Be sure to join us for lunch and experience a glimpse of the magnificent possibilities and exceptional quality care.

Building Community by Understanding the Past

At The Reutlinger, our “Neighbor of the month” program was developed to celebrate residents and promote family involvement. Through this program our families have shared their love and memories with other residents and staff.

Each month a “mystery” resident is selected through discussion with the Activity Director who then meets with the resident and family to draft a biography, a poster board is created featuring a series of photos from childhood through adult life. This poster asks “Guess who?” Resident, families and staff attempt to identify the person from his or her history and earlier photos.

An afternoon social is held where family members come in and present the resident, sharing many details we otherwise would not have known. Sometimes funny, sometimes profound, this process of telling stories about ourselves creates an authenticity that goes beyond words, building bridges to a deeper understanding of who we are and offering the opportunity to fully honor each and every one.  Mystery Resident actively acknowledges the person in front of us and hints at the very special character and relationships that forge the community at RCJL.