New Year and a New Lifestyle That Enlivens the Spirit

What New Year’s resolutions did you make for 2020? Even if you didn’t “officially” make any promises when the ball dropped on December 31, we imagine that you’d like the new year to be filled with happiness, friends, family and a lifestyle that engages and fulfills.

“No matter how old or young we are, there’s something exciting and hopeful about the start of a new year,” says Andrea Campisi, Marketing and Admissions Director of The Reutlinger Community, a Continuing Care Retirement Community in Danville, CA. “Which makes it the perfect time for new beginnings, whether that’s a small change like adjusting your diet or a large change like making the move into senior living.”

If you’re a senior who’s been thinking about how to make life even more fulfilling in 2020, Andrea suggests that the new year is an excellent time to research, reflect and perhaps even make the move to a senior living community like The Reutlinger Community.

“Senior living these days is much different than the nursing homes of the past,” she says. “Communities are focused more on wellness and inspiring lifestyles while helping residents stay as healthy, active and independent as possible. It’s not uncommon for us at The Reutlinger Community to see very healthy, ‘young’ seniors moving to our maintenance-free community to take advantage of all we have to offer … so they can live the lifestyle they want.”

How Does Senior Living Offer an Inspiring Lifestyle?

No more chores or home upkeep.
We understand that you love your family home – and it’s probably been paid off for a while (always good to not have mortgage payments). But a paid-off, beloved home still requires you to pay for things like water and electricity, property taxes, home insurance and repairs. And, of course, the responsibilities of owning a home aren’t just financial. The never-ending routine of housecleaning, cooking, laundry, yardwork, shoveling snow … it gets exhausting after a while. Doubly so if you’re an aging senior whose joints or energy levels aren’t as high as they used to be. Plus, isn’t it time for you to not have to worry about these types of chores anymore? Your golden years should be, well, golden, and who wants to spend more time doing chores than they have to?

Moving to senior living provides an elegant solution with true maintenance-free living. At a community like The Reutlinger Community, all the chores and upkeep are taken care of by a professional maintenance staff. Never again will you have to run the vacuum cleaner, rake leaves, shovel the driveway or even run a washer and dryer. All your to-dos will be taken care of, leaving you free to do all the things you want to do – but may have pushed to the side in favor of taking care of the details.

An instant social network and community.
Many seniors naturally become more isolated as they get older. This is due to a variety of things, such as friends and family moving away, difficulties getting out and about (especially if you don’t like driving at night) and the aforementioned chores that seem to take up more and more time. However, at a senior living community, residents find themselves instantly a part of a large community of individuals in the same stage of life as them. Not only that, but everything in the community is designed to make socialization easier and more fun. Dining with friends is as easy as heading to the dining room (no choosing a restaurant or having to coordinate a dinner party). Social events and activities take place all the time (and you don’t have to do the work of organizing them). You’ll find so much to do, and so many new friends to do them with.

Total peace of mind.
Living alone can be nice, but there are a lot of things to worry about, too. For example, what happens if you fall or get sick and there’s no one nearby to check in on you? What happens if you need to go away for a week or so – who will watch your home? Or what if you suddenly need more assistance and care than you currently require – will you have to move away then? Moving into a senior living community can instantly remove all those worries. You’ll have the independence and privacy that you want, but you’ll also have the benefit of 24/7 care and assistance if and when you need it. Senior living communities employ a full-time security staff, so there’s never any need to worry about your belongings or your safety.

Perhaps best of all, a senior living community provides you with a home where you can easily and safely “age in place.” If your health needs change and you end up needing more assistance, it’s usually a seamless process to receive what you need. Since communities are designed with seniors in mind, you may even be able to put off assistance for longer, since you won’t have to worry about things like stairs, non-accessible hallways and not-always-safe showers. Instead, you have peace of mind … now and in the future.

Is Moving to a Community Right for You?

There’s no right or wrong answer – it’s entirely dependent on your needs and what you’re looking for in this phase of life. Even if you don’t “need” senior living (in other words, if you’re healthy, active and independent), moving to a community can be incredibly beneficial – not to mention freeing.

If you’re wondering if 2020 is the year for you to enliven your lifestyle by moving to senior living, here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • Would you like to not have to worry about chores or home maintenance anymore?
  • Are you bored, lonely or simply would like more social opportunity than you currently have?
  • Would you like more time to do the things you want to do, not the things you have to do?
  • Are you worried about your health now or down the road?

If you answer any of these questions with “yes,” this might be the year for you to look into the freeing and rewarding lifestyle you can find at a senior living community like The Reutlinger Community. For more information about the benefits of senior living, or to learn more about our community, mission and values, please contact us at 925-272-0261.

Premier Senior Living, Dedicated Care

The Reutlinger Community’s mission is to provide high-quality health care and social support services in a life-enhancing and stimulating environment with a commitment to Jewish values.

Offering Assisted Living, Enhanced Assisted Living, Memory Care, Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation, The Reutlinger Community provides a continuum of care that allows seniors to live a life-enhancing and stimulating environment. Located in Danville, California, The Reutlinger Community’s newly renovated, 110,000 square foot community combines the comfort and familiarity of home with seasoned senior care and skilled nursing specialists to suit any senior’s needs, allowing them to live the life they choose with freedom and security.

Because we specialize in a continuum of care, our residents never need to worry about leaving the community they call home or wonder what will happen when they need some more care. Residents and families alike can have peace of mind knowing that there are full-time licensed nurses available, along with activity coordinators, social workers, caregivers, a concierge and Rabbi who focus solely on helping each resident thrive. Even better, our services and amenities are equal to those of a state-of-the-art resort. This is the lifestyle and care that your loved one deserves.

At The Reutlinger Community, seniors have numerous opportunities to engage in award-winning programs that are designed to engage the mind, renew the spirit and provide opportunities to meet new people and learn something new. Whether residents are enjoying our art program and museum, listening to a lecture or educational program or attending spiritual programming and our wide range of activities, there’s something for each resident to love. Participate as much or as little as you like, the choice is all yours.

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