The Reutlinger Community and Eskaton Affiliation

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will the Reutlinger Community maintain its Jewish values?
A. The affiliation agreement unequivocally protects TRC’s religious and cultural Jewish values moving forward. The Reutlinger Community will continue to rely on the generosity and participation of the broader East Bay Jewish community for support, as it has over the past 70 years.

Q. What will happen to the assets owned by the community?
A. Reutlinger assets will be managed by Eskaton but use of the assets will exclusively benefit residents of the Reutlinger community. All restricted gifts donated in the past, present or future to Reutlinger will accrue for the benefit of the community.

Q. Will the Reutlinger board remain as-is?
A. Eskaton will be named the sole member of the Reutlinger Board. In turn, the outgoing Reutlinger board will appoint a representative to the Eskaton board from the East Bay Jewish community to ensure Eskaton retains and upholds the Jewish values and heritage outlined in the affiliation agreement. In the future, a local Jewish organization – synagogue, JFCS, Federation, etc. – will be named as Designator Organization to select future community representatives for the Eskaton board.

That organization will nominate all future board appointees and, in the extreme result of any dissolution by Eskaton, will either be the recipient of any assets still “held” by the Reutlinger or will distribute such funds for the well-being of the East Bay Jewish community.

The Eskaton board currently has 12 members and will expand to 13 once the Reutlinger member is appointed. The Reutlinger Community will retain its name and corporate status as a 501©3 not-for-profit organization.

Q. How will the Designator Organization be selected?
A. The current Reutlinger Board will select the Designator Organization. The Reutlinger Board has nominated six potential Jewish organizations, vetted each, and has selected one, pending final board approval by that organization.

Q. How long a term will the Eskaton board representative for Reutlinger serve before they step down?
A. The representative will serve a maximum of nine years broken into three (3), three-year terms barring resignation, loss of life, etc.

Q. To whom will the Eskaton board representative for Reutlinger report to or share any relevant information from the Eskaton board meeting?
A. Relevant information from board meetings will be reported to the Designator Organization.

Q. Will TRC trustees receive minutes from the Eskaton board meetings?
A. Meeting minutes and summaries from the Eskaton Board of Directors are available by contacting Eskaton at 916.334.0810 or via email at

Q. Will leadership at TRC change as the community transitions from a stand-alone to an affiliate of Eskaton?
A. Jay Zimmer will remain as president and CEO through transition until June 2020 when Eskaton appoints an Executive Director. Zimmer will play an active role in recruitment efforts for the successor.

Q. Will there be any other staff changes in the current management?
A. Eskaton will not rush-in to make any sweeping changes to personnel. It is important for Eskaton during the early stages of any affiliation to learn about community management standards and employee skillsets. Eskaton has very high employee satisfaction. In the past two years, Eskaton was named a “Best Place to Work” by the Sacramento Business Journal and received a national certification from the Great Place to Work institute based on staff survey results that endorsed a high-trust environment featuring empowered and engaged employees.

Q. Who will manage the financial investments for TRC?
A. Eskaton uses the “Carver Model” for governance, meaning there will be no committee designated to manage community investments. Eskaton investments are managed through Wells Fargo similarly to current Reutlinger investment policies.

Q. Is there a way to break the contract if necessary?
A. The Reutlinger Community representative on the Eskaton Board of Directors would have to allege Eskaton breached the affiliation agreement, which includes outlined procedures to either reconcile or proceed toward disaffiliation.

Q. How long is the initial contract period before it is up for renewal?
A. Barring any breach in contract, the affiliation will be permanent.

Q. Will there be costs to TRC if we decide to sever our relationship with Eskaton? If so, what is amount?
A. This item has not yet been determined and the amount will be subject to final negotiation.

Q. Why are Eskaton and TRC affiliating?
A. Senior living communities are facing tougher competition, increased regulations, decreased reimbursement and limited access to capital in the ever-changing senior living environment; several services considered “must-haves” in today’s environment such as home-care and licensed home health care are beyond the community’s ability to develop and manage.  Eskaton, with its broad portfolio of senior housing options, can provide TRC with the scale that hospital systems and third-party payers require of their partners. Strategically speaking, TRC has certain needs and Eskaton can provide the services and programs that will be necessary for sustained success.


Please forward any additional questions to:
Jay Zimmer, President and CEO
The Reutlinger Community