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5 Factors to Look for in a Senior Living Community

One of our greatest fears is that of the unknown. But equipped with the right questions, and knowing what to look for, will make the transition from living at home to a senior living community feel safer. Remember when you moved out of your parents’ house to a college dorm? Moved into your first apartment? Bought your first home for your family? Transitions are part of life and The Reutlinger Community is here to help guide you.

Can adequate care be provided as your needs change?

Everyone has their own unique care requirements. Are licensed care practitioners such as nurses available onsite? Do they offer medication management, physical therapy, and general medical care? At The Reutlinger, we offer a full continuum of care. This means you will never have to move again. Our home is your home now and forever.

How are the dining services?

Ask to have a meal in the dining room. Is it healthy and delicious? Is it vibrant and invites socialization? Can family and friends visit and dine with you? Are there accommodations for dietary restrictions and how they are managed?

What activities, programs and spiritual services are available?

Keeping an active mind, body and spirit are essential as we age. Are there activities that promote social interaction? Physical fitness? Spiritual well-being?

Is the staff kind and caring?

At The Reutlinger, we pride ourselves in being family. We do not just provide care for you, we care about you.  When you visit a community, do you see staff interacting with the residents? Are they having conversations about family, politics, arts and culture? What communication methods are in place to keep families and residents informed?

Is the community investing in upgrades?

Take a look around. Is the community funding upgrades to carpets, wallcoverings, furniture? Technology accessibility? You want to live in a home that is taken of.

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Author: howard