5 Reasons to Celebrate Dad

Carla Adamic Outside

Fathers play an important role in every child’s life. As we grow older it might become harder to remember all the big and little things that our fathers did for us. This Father’s Day, we’d like to think of just a few reasons we’re happy to have our fathers in our lives.

1. They Teach Us How to Win and How To Lose

Sometimes everything seems to be going right for us and sometimes the world seems to be collapsing around our ears. Since we were kids up through adulthood, dads have taught us how to be gracious and humble when we win and how to pick ourselves up and try again when we lose.  In good times and bad, our dads’ examples showed us the way.

2. They Keep Us Safe

When you have kids of your own you start to appreciate just how small, fragile and helpless we once were. Our fathers made sure that we were clean, healthy and safe from all the dangers of the world around us. They taught us when it was safe to cross the street, how to not burn ourselves at a campfire, and who we could and couldn’t trust. And as we grew up and moved on to places where our dads could no longer protect us, we were safe because they taught us how to protect ourselves.

3. They Inspire Us

When our dads look at us, they see all the potential in the world. When we feel like we’ve gone nowhere, they remind us how far we’ve come because they’ve been there from the beginning and are telling us the truth. When we think we can’t succeed, they know exactly how to push us so that we give our best effort anyway. No matter how hard our life gets, we know that we will always have our dads in our corner to cheer us on and give us advice.  It’s their faith in us that taught us how to have faith in ourselves.

human-854005_6404. They Teach Us How To Have Fun

Whatever our dads looked like to people outside of our homes, inside they were quick to play games, sing silly songs and keep smiles on our faces. They played sports with us, took us travelling, read us stories and helped us learn how to enjoy ourselves. We found the secret joys in life because our dads taught us where to look.

5. They Taught Us How To Do Our Part

Our fathers taught us that we can’t do everything alone. They taught us that sometimes we need someone else to rely on and that sometimes other people might need to rely on us. They taught us that there were at least two people in every relationship, and that every relationship worth having had a give and a take. Our dads gave us a lot. So much that it’s only right to give back to them at least one day every year.

If you are looking for a way to give back to your dad (or mom) but think you could use a little bit of help from a community of skilled and caring professionals, you can visit us at rcjl.org or call us at 925.648.2800 to learn more.