Volunteer Opportunities COVID-19

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The Reutlinger Community thanks you for valuing elders and their well-being.

You have reached out to The Reutlinger Community with a compassionate desire to share your support during these unprecedented times. Thank you for joining us as we spark joy and spread goodwill among our residents.

In the midst of social isolation, providing meaningful connections remains a top priority of The Reutlinger Community. With your help, our mission to enhance the quality of life of older adults is strengthened and supported more than ever. Thank you for joining us in our efforts to demonstrate #QuarantineKindness!

We invite you to display this kindness in the following ways:

  1. Join Eskaton’s Telephone Reassurance Volunteer Team. During this time of social distancing, giving this gift of friendly telephone conversation is especially treasured. This opportunity is for volunteers ages 18 and above.
    Learn more and apply here button
  2. Send letters of love and encouragement. Your personal letters can be filled with artwork, pictures, jokes and positive, hope-filled messages. Letters and cards must be nondenominational as we have residents of many faiths including many who are Jewish.
  3. Create gift bags or care packages. Residents would enjoy adult coloring books, watercolors, colored pencils, crosswords puzzles, a deck of cards, word searches and personal notes.
  4. Create Virtual Programs for our residents to enjoy via YouTube or a special live performance. For example: musical, theatrical or dance performances, virtual games and activities, health & wellness presentations, seated yoga, travel presentations, educational talk or art/craft demonstration.
  5. Donate:
    • Masks: Cotton two-ply face masks with soft ear loops, face shields, surgical masks
    • Books and Magazines: Large print books, best- sellers including James Patterson, Russian, Chinese, Farsi, and Hindi translations
    • Game Prizes: Small items such as costume jewelry (please no long necklaces for safety), stationary & cards, scarves, lap blankets, open cardigan-style sweaters for women (all sizes)
    • We are unable to accept donations of any food, candy or edible treats.
    • For any questions concerning donations, please contact email
    • Donations may be tax-deductible.  The Reutlinger Community is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization -EIN # 94-3201366.

Please deliver all letters and gift bags to:
​​​The Reutlinger Community
c/o #QuarantineKindness
4000 Camino Tassajara
Danville, CA 94506

Volunteer doing crafts with residents

Questions   Please contact Lyndsey Dammann at 916-334-1072 or by email.

Here’s to you and the power of generosity that truly transforms the aging experience!