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Jewish Heritage Museum Reopens

Jewish Heritage Museum

The Jewish Heritage museum has once again taken its place in the public spaces of The Reutlinger Community, as the renewal project has been completed.

This is an opportunity for residents, families, staff, and visitors to view objects of Judaica from the collection donated in part by Ruth and Max Eis and by other donors. The collection includes examples of Judaica from the 17th through the 20th centuries from Europe and the Middle East.

Jewish Heritage Museum

The current exhibition focuses on objects celebrating the Jewish High Holy Days, as well as on various items used in the celebration of Simchat Torah and Sukkot. The JHM offers an opportunity for our residents to make a connection to these objects of Judaica, many of which will remind them of the way they celebrated the holidays in their homes. Items such as Shabbat candlesticks, kiddish cups, a Havdalah set, prayer shawl (tallit), caps (kippah), yads (pointers), spice boxes, etrog boxes, and other objects are displayed.

The Jewish Heritage Museum also celebrates the relocation of three synagogue stained glass windows that survived Krystal Nacht. These are now found in niches above the main museum area. Also relocated is Perpetuation, the 30-piece bronze sculpture by Neil Goodman, which focuses on symbolic icons of our Jewish heritage. This sculpture can now be found on the walkway wall across from the Rose Garden. The museum also features a 17th century Italian Chanukiah.

The Jewish Heritage Museum committee hopes that all will enjoy the exhibit and wishes everyone a Happy Holiday season.

Author: howard