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Dementia Support Group

Virtual Support Group for Caregivers
Sponsored by the Alzheimer’s Association and facilitated by Eskaton’s Gerontological Social Services Specialist, Larry Dawes, MSW

This monthly support group is an excellent way for caregivers to share information, experiences, insight, advice and encouragement. The meetings provide participants with an opportunity to learn from those who are facing similar challenges and provide a space where they can talk openly and honestly about their individual experiences, concerns and thoughts. The support group is open to anyone caring for a person living with cognitive change.

3rd Wednesday of Every Month
2:45 pm – 4:15 pm

Please join our virtual Zoom meeting by clicking this link:

Meeting ID:‪  ‪‪912 4670 8270

Passcode:‪  ‪‪949706

If you are joining by phone, please dial the number listed below.

Call-In Number:  ‪1-888-788-0099 or 1-408-638-0968

Larry Dawes smiling

About Our Facilitator

Larry Dawes has his master’s degree in health social work with an emphasis in gerontology and over 30 years of experience with health and wellness support for the aging community. He is currently the gerontological social services specialist for Eskaton’s Community Outreach team, providing education and training for staff and residents across the region.

Larry is dedicated to helping the aging community live the highest-quality life possible, as safely, securely, and independently as possible. Until the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Larry was a private contractor for the Sacramento Chapter of the National Alzheimer’s Association Early Support Group Program. He also has experience in the care and case management of rehabilitation patients who have suffered traumatic brain injury.

For more information on support groups and other social service resources, contact Andrea Campisi or Larry Dawes at