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Commended for Caring

“I would like to commend (The Reutlinger Community) for engaging in the sort of caring kindness and expression of traditional Jewish living that is so badly needed in our world. Over the years I have been deeply impressed with the opportunities offered to members of my congregation and their parents, the support as well as the chance to lead a stimulating life with artistic expression and kosher food, religious services and cultural activities. But what went over the top was the recent attention paid to helping a religious elderly couple from my synagogue that survived the Holocaust.”

Rabbi DardikBeth Jacob Congregation, Oakland, California

Knowing Mom is Well Cared For and Happy

“My grandmother has lived at The Reutlinger Community for over 5 years. She started in Assisted Living and is now in Skilled Nursing. The Reutlinger Community is a great place, filled with loving, caring, attentive caretakers. The facilities are beautiful and well maintained. The staff are amazing. We live right across the street so my daughters and I come over often. My daughters are young (4 and 2), so not the quietest of human beings. The staff all know them by name, say hello to us. Help us set up things so we can eat dinner with GG (great grandma) or just hang out. Whenever there are health issues, they are on it right away. Luckily, my mother is the one who has to be the decision maker and I get to live in ignorant bliss, but I know she is well cared for. She is happy and she gets to play mahjong! I love my grandmother dearly. She has always been one of my best friends. Knowing that she is safe and cared for makes me very happy.”

Alexis M.Danville, California

The Best Care Facility

“My Mother-in-law moved to The Reutlinger Community with special needs. The staff and residents were amazingly supportive and comforting. She has passed on now, in peace, and we will continue to recommend The Reutlinger Community as the VERY BEST care facility.”

Jo D. and Family


“My mother has been a resident for 4 years in the Traditions Memory Care unit, and I couldn’t agree more with other positive remarks. She continues to receive outstanding care from a very devoted and loving staff. The Reutlinger Community is the ONLY care facility I recommend. Thank you all, from the bottom of my heart.”

Elizabeth M.

Without Worries

“Mom lived here for 3 years. She was 104 when she died. The care she received at this assisted living facility was excellent. There were lots of activities, stimulation and a great caring staff. The nursing care is great. Traditions, the secure care center for people who will wander, is fantastic. My mom could be here and I no longer had to worry as I did when she lived at home.”

Susan A.San Francisco, California

My Deepest Appreciation

“It has been almost a year since my mother, Rose, has passed and there has not been a day that I have not thought of the wonderful care she received at The Reutlinger Community. I will forever be grateful for the love and attention she received as a resident with you for over four years. My heart is comforted by the memories of the compassionate caregivers and the and attentive staff. I would like to take this opportunity to offer a commendation for one (of so very many deserving) employee. Alvin was always most extraordinary and enthusiastic with the residents and his arrival always lit up the room. I observed his energy and patience with the residents and his creative spirit in developing new and appropriate activities. I recently learned that Traditions may be looking for a new Activities Director and would like to offer that Alvin may be a worthy candidate. I do not intend to be presumptuous but amongst all the patient and cheerful spirits I observed while visiting my mother on an almost daily basis, Alvin brought an undeniable light and joy. My deepest appreciation remains with everyone at The Reutlinger Community who so graciously cared for and comforted my mother.”

Trudy N.

I Definitely Recommend The Reutlinger Community

“My great aunt was in need of going to a skilled nursing home. We were give a list to pick from and decided on The Reutlinger Community. Its roots are Jewish but you don’t have to be Jewish to live there, or temporarily live at The Reutlinger Community.  On site they do have a Synagogue with regular Shabbat services, their services are reform. They even show popular Jewish shows like Shtisel (one of my favorites) in their media room.  The entire campus was clean and the ambiance was relaxing and calm.  They have private and shared rooms. The good news is there are no jack and jill restrooms for the residents, so each room has a private bathroom for the residents.  It’s very spacious.  The dining rooms are large and food isn’t horrible.  The people who work there are friendly and helpful.  They have a gift shop which is closed on the Shabbat. I definitely recommend The Reutlinger Community if you need nursing home for your aging loved ones.”

Noelle J.

An Incredible Facility

“What an incredible facility. My mother recently had major spine surgery. Following the acute hospital stay, she needed SNF/Rehab. I live near The Reutlinger Community and was always impressed but its outward appearance. Well, I am just as impressed by not only the internal appearance, but the level of care provided by the staff, the meals, The rehab provided, and every aspect of the care provided.  I cannot say enough.  As an RN, I could not have asked for a better place to have my mom.  So appreciative to everyone that I have interacted with the last month.  Mom is almost ready to come home and this is a testament to everyone, especially Ryan, Gina and Ashley! If I personally needed a rehab facility for myself, this is where I would want to be.”

Denise R.

Like Summer Camp

“Life here reminds you of summer camp with activities that bring you love and joy.”

Sheldon S.

It’s a Win-Win

“Your kids don’t have to worry about you. I don’t have to worry. It’s win-win for everyone. That’s priceless.”

Gloria R.

Thank You So Much!

“I want to thank you for the continuous information you provide us family members and more importantly, the wonderful care you give the residents! My mother can’t stop talking about the extraordinary efforts EVERYONE makes to take care of her and to alleviate the stress of the situation with lovely meals, visits and whatever else you all can think of. I’m grateful and impressed that you keep doing this superlative work while dealing with your own lives, families, fears and problems.”


Thank You for All You Do.

“I am very lucky to have my family not far. I am lucky that we have such an understanding staff here that are helping us. It is such hard time, but this shall pass.”

Misia N.

You’ve All Gone Beyond the Call

I just want to let you know that I appreciate all the time and effort you and the staff have put in, and continue to do so, for these past few months. You’ve all gone beyond the call and stepped up under the most trying conditions. I am so glad that Ron is at The Reutlinger Community during this time. Not only is he staying healthy, he is getting good care and is well entertained! Kudos to you!

I do hope you are taking care of yourself, both physically and emotionally. Your job is hard in the best of times; I can’t imagine how it must be on a daily basis now. But, you’ve been quite successful and have done all the right things. For that I and other community members are eternally grateful that you are at the helm. If there is anything I can do to help out even in a small way, please let me know. Stay well!

In sincerest gratitude,


I Thank God I Was Directed to The Reutlinger Community

I’m so proud when I mention that Bill is in The Reutlinger Community. I feel very comfortable with you being there with the stringent guidelines during the last month. I am Skyping with Bill once a week, but do miss being able to hold his hand. His speech is so poor that Phone calls and Skyping are difficult. But I know he’s safe. I thank God I was directed to The Reutlinger Community 2 1/2 years ago.



I Am So Grateful

I can only imagine how tired folks are right now …. I am so grateful that you and the team have kept everyone safe in The Reutlinger Community… it is a true testament to your outstanding leadership. I know Fabby loves her new role… she is so talented so I am glad the team has given her more responsibilities. I sent over a check in today’s mail -in care of you … so hopefully it gets to your offices by Mon/Tuesday. It is for 1500 for the special employee fund.If there is something folks need, do let me know…whether it is a new plant or X … be glad to do a donation or do something for the team…



Thank You and Your Entire Staff

On behalf of the Takashima family, I want to thank you and your entire staff for the tireless hours that you all have endured since the beginning of the influenza and COVID-19 quarantines. I cannot tell you how much we appreciate the care and love mom receives from everyone especially the CNAs, nurses and numerous other staff members within SNF.

At first, it was very difficult to break from my daily visits but, as time passed, I saw that mom was and still is in good hands with all those who care deeply for her well being.

COVID-19 has affected too many senior communities around the state and country. I am so appreciative that The Reutlinger Community has been diligent about enforcing protocols to prevent an outbreak within our community.

You and all staff members have done an incredible job in an unprecedented and challenging time. We so appreciate all that you and The Reutlinger Community family have and continue to do to care for mom and all your residents.

Joanne, Bill & Diane

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