Transitioning a loved one from home to a memory care community can be a difficult task. Although you may know that they’ll enjoy their new community, opportunities for friendships and engaging lifestyle, they may not realize it at the time or may be too anxious to consider the positives of a move. This can cause a number of negative behaviors, including anger, agitation, aggression and more. We know just how hard this transition can be, so we want to help.

“Moving a loved one with memory loss from the home they know and love to a memory care community that they are unfamiliar with can be hard for everyone involved,” says Andrea Campisi, Marketing and Admissions Director of The Reutlinger Community, a Continuing Care Retirement Community in Danville, CA. “However, it’s important to do so, so that they can experience the lifestyle they deserve. To make this transition easier and safer, you should plan as much as you can ahead of time. Planning is crucial to the success of a move, and whether you believe your loved one will transition well or not, knowing what you can expect and the obstacles you could face during a move will be a big help.”

Here are some of the actions you can take to help make a safe transition to memory care.

If possible, visit with your loved one ahead of time as much as possible. Visiting can help to familiarize your loved one with the community while also allowing them to meet their care team, make some friends and get more comfortable with the idea of a move.

Refrain from announcing the move too far in advance. This can not only make your loved one more anxious, but it may also make them agitated or aggressive. Instead, tell them just before the move, or even the day of.

Move at the time they are at their best. On the day of the move, try to keep everything as normal as possible. It will also be important to keep a close eye on them, as wandering can occur if they are too disrupted from their routine. This might be a good time to consider some respite care or having a loved one distract them with an activity they love in a quiet and secluded location.

Talk to a doctor about adjusting medication. In some cases, anti-anxiety medicine can make the move easier on everyone. Then, you can wean the medication into their system and then wean them back out once the move is complete.

Bring items that are familiar to your loved one. From their favorite comforter, photographs of friends and family and their favorite chair to items that help spark their memory, their favorite snacks and more, familiar items can help to make your loved one more comfortable during a move. It can also be helpful to unpack as much as possible before they arrive, as too much hustle and bustle can cause them to become distressed.

It’s going to be important to not visit for the first few weeks. Your loved one may think you’re going to be bringing them home or that you are picking them up. It’s going to be difficult, but if you want to check in on how your loved one is doing, contact the community and their care team. They are there to provide you with peace of mind as well as support during this journey.

For more information about making the move to a memory care community safer, or to learn more about our community, mission and values, please contact us at 925-272-0261.

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The Reutlinger Community’s mission is to provide high quality health care and social support services in a life-enhancing and stimulating environment with a commitment to Jewish values.

Offering Assisted Living, Enhanced Assisted Living, Memory Care, Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation, The Reutlinger Community provides a continuum of care that allows seniors to live in a life-enhancing and stimulating environment. Located in Danville, California, The Reutlinger Community’s renovated, 110,000-square-foot community combines the comfort and familiarity of home with seasoned senior care and skilled nursing specialists to suit any senior’s needs, allowing them to live the life they choose with freedom and security.

Because we specialize in a continuum of care, our residents never need to worry about leaving the community they call home or wonder what will happen when they need some more care. Residents and families alike can have peace of mind knowing that there are full-time licensed nurses available, along with activity coordinators, social workers, caregivers, a concierge and Rabbi who focus solely on helping each resident thrive. Even better, our services and amenities are equal to those of a state-of-the-art resort. This is the lifestyle and care that your loved one deserves.

At The Reutlinger Community, seniors have numerous opportunities to engage in award-winning programs that are designed to engage the mind, renew the spirit and provide opportunities to meet new people and learn something new. Whether residents are enjoying our art program and museum, listening to a lecture or educational program or attending spiritual programming and our wide range of activities, there’s something for each resident to love. Participate as much or as little as you like, the choice is all yours.

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