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Seniors Can Benefit From Pet Therapy

Pets are medically proven to be beneficial to your health. The soothing presence of a dog or a cat can reduce stress, lower blood pressure and even help reduce cholesterol and triglycerides levels. These benefits are easy to attain when living at home independently, but they are also available to residents of senior living communities through “pet therapy.”

Pet Therapy is a popular and growing program that brings pets to homes, communities, and hospitals to allow people who might not otherwise be able to have pets to receive some of the benefits of pet ownership. Just 15 minutes of quality time with a friendly animal companion can help to lower anxiety and provide joy and comfort. Pets can also encourage healthy behavior by providing opportunities for exercise and therapy through playing games like fetching or taking them on a walk. These sessions also encourage social interaction by bringing people together to spend time with the pets and speak with each other and the animal handlers.

Residents of senior living communities should check their calendars or speak to their concierge to see if Pet Therapy sessions are available.

To learn more about our Pet Therapy sessions, please visit our website at rcjl.org or call us at 925.648.2800.

Author: howard