The 24th AWE Exhibition Reception and Gala Celebration was a wonder-filled day for all 100 resident-artists, their friends, families and caregivers as well as the staff and board of AWE who create this blessed event each year. The exhibit and program took place in the historic Gerald Simon Auditorium (Bing Crosby used to broadcast his White Christmas Show there), at Laguna Honda Hospital in the San Francisco Twin Peaks area.

The residents in the show excitedly discovered their own paintings hung with a beautiful bio and black and white photograph of themselves. As viewers in the large room proceeded to move through the exhibit, the entire show was being projected on the stage visible to all the tables.

Light refreshments were brought to the tables and the celebration continued both before and after the program; each artist’s name was called by their teacher from the podium. Mark Campbell, the executive director dedicated the show to AWE’s founder, Brent Nettle.   Mark inspired us saying that beyond the beauty created and the benefits to the artists, one of the main reasons for this program to exist is for this elder generation to teach all the others generations how to age! They teach us to ignore any cultural negativity, defy the “limiting ways of being” we are taught, and live a completely, glorious life filled with creativity, beauty and achievement-our entire lives!

It is such an honor to work toward this day and then see everyone light up with inspiration, and a recognition and  celebration of the human spirit. This year our Reutlinger party included 41 people!!!!! There is much that goes on behind the scenes to make this happen. Thank you to every single person in Nursing, Vickie in the salon, Dietary, Concierge(s), Activities who contributed and special a thank you to Abdul and Ramiro who delivered us safely, Kim, Jackie, and Sue for taking care of us on the trip.

Thank you to the families of the artists for joining us and making it an especially memorable day, our friends Evelyn Ostreicher, Bob Dematteis, Sybil Marblestone, and Selma Moses, Shonny and Joe Potozkin and last but not least, our honored artists who created such stunning work:

Michie Takashima, Loraine Hornbeck, Maher Salama, Fran Dobin, Rita R. Goldman, Katarina, Kivel, and Rhoda Wasserman.

Betty Rothaus, Artist-In-Residence
bobev bob_loraine fran-_maherjpg fran_deb fran_jackie katarina_fam loraine maher-therese_bet maher_fam rhoda_susan rita-gerry-sue selma_kim shon_bet shonny_joe takashima-fam abdulramiro-evelyn