What is “Skilled Nursing” and Why Would I Need It?

By Carla Adamic, The Reutlinger Community

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As we age our needs as individuals change. We want to maintain our independence, but we also have to take care of ourselves. When it comes time to choose a senior living community, we often have a large array of options before us. Some options may seem unnecessarily constrictive. Others seem like they might seem insufficient to meet our healthcare needs.  So, is a Skilled Nursing program the right choice for you?


A Skilled Nursing option is for people who have specific medical needs that must be met on a regular basis by a staff of experienced and compassionate nurses who can give you round the clock care. These programs are designed around your needs and are responsive to your changes in circumstances. Skilled Nursing programs can be short or long term.


Skilled Nursing is often recommended for residents who:


Require Speech, Physical And/or Occupational Therapy

Are recovering from surgery or severe illness

Need assistance dressing, bathing, eating or performing other everyday tasks



Senior living communities like The Reutlinger are adaptive and will change your programming with your needs.  Skilled Nursing options exist alongside Assisted Living, Enhanced Assisted Living, and Memory Care programs; so that as your needs change, you can have the confidence of Aging in Place without having to give up the friends and community you call home.


The Reutlinger Community has many decades of expertise in skilled nursing. If you have questions or concerns, please contact us at (925)648-2800 or visit us at rcjl.org