Using a Skilled Nursing Facility for Short-term Rehabilitation and Recovery

By Andrea Campisi, Director of Marketing, The Reutlinger Community
Often people use the terms Skilled Nursing Facility – SNF – and nursing home interchangeably. But a true
SNF should offer more “skilled” medical expertise and services and provide care and rehabilitation
services to help patients get back on their feet.
If you are a hospital patient needing more recovery time, hospitals will make arrangements for you to
stay in a SNF for follow-up care. Short-term rehabilitation services offered in a SNF are ideal for injury
recovery, joint replacement recovery, or a post-major medical treatment stay. It can include physical
and occupational therapy, speech and respiratory therapy, health monitoring, and more.
What you can expect during your stay is to see your doctor, nurse practitioner or physician assistant
frequently. You will be monitored daily or several times a week. Also, SNF staff will be looking out for
drug interactions and side effects from prescribed medications.
You might also receive the following services:
•Help with daily living activities
•Social interaction and spiritual support
•Balanced diet and nutrition plan

Skilled nursing facilities provide a very needed benefit. Whether that be for post-surgery or illness
recovery, or a level of care that your family cannot provide in your home. A SNF can provide a more
comfortable setting for recovery and rehabilitation than a hospital or even your home.
For more information regarding short-term rehabilitation services, call (925) 964-2062.