5 Ways To Make Moving Into Your Senior Living Community Easier

Moves are rarely easy. Sometimes they can be fun, even exciting, but usually not easy. As senior living experts, we are experienced in helping people move into their new home. Here are some tips we came up with through our hard-earned experience. 1. Connect With other Residents In Advance Some people already know people at…

March 22, 2016
Personnel file: Danville senior living community wins regional award

The Reutlinger wins ‘Favorite Jewish Community Residence in East Bay’ by Risti Tewolde For the second year in a row, The Reutlinger Community in Danville won the award for “Favorite Jewish Community Residence in the East Bay Area” from The J — The Jewish News Weekly of Northern California. “We are pleased to receive this…

July 25, 2016
Starting the annual Torah cycle again — for the 70th, 80th, 90th time

BY DAVID A.M. WILENSKY | OCTOBER 20, 2017 According to tradition, the Torah has 70 faces. We reread it each year in, hoping a new face will be revealed. Its words don’t change, but we do. Who will we be this year, and which face will the Torah show us? Simchat Torah is our first opportunity in the…

October 1, 2017
Dementia Grief & Loss: Supporting the Dementia Caregiver During the Grieving Process (Part 3 of 4)

In this four-part series, we explore the stages of dementia grief and loss for those affected. Understanding the process, accepting your feelings and learning healthy ways to cope with the emotions will help you and your family during these difficult times. Walking this path is never easy, but with compassion, understanding and acceptance, you and…

November 11, 2019
The Importance of Maintaining a Loving Approach as a Dementia Caregiver

The Golden Rule urges us to “treat others as we would like to be treated.” This is easier said than done sometimes, particularly when you find yourself in a stressful or difficult situation – like being a caregiver to a loved one with dementia. Maintaining compassion and a loving approach is essential in this situation for…

September 23, 2019
Carla Adamic joins The Reutlinger as Director of Marketing

Established in 1950, The Reutlinger is a non-profit senior living community offering assisted living, memory care, and skilled nursing. By The JPR Group Public Relations, Patch Poster | May 6, 2015 10:07 pm ET The Reutlinger Community is pleased to announce that Carla Adamic has joined its leadership team as Director of Marketing. In this capacity, Adamic will oversee…

May 6, 2015

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