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Welcome to The
Reutlinger Community

Located in Danville, CA, The Reutlinger Community provides high-quality health care and support services to seniors in a life-enhancing and stimulating environment. We welcome all people while upholding Jewish traditions and values.

Offering multiple levels of care and a variety of living options, The Reutlinger Community is committed to giving you and your loved ones peace of mind with the knowledge that your needs will be met throughout the journey of life.

A Continuum of Care

We are proud to offer a full continuum of care that keeps families together and allows friendships to be maintained. Residents who require more advanced medical, rehabilitation or skilled nursing care can be supported at the community. For couples, the ability to stay together while having their differing needs met honors both the importance of their relationship, as well as their personal safety and wellbeing.

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Life at The Reutlinger Community: Comfort & Familiarity

Life at The Reutlinger Community

The Reutlinger Community combines the comfort and familiarity of home with the amenities and attentive staff of a 5-star resort. Whether you are looking for a place to stay during short-term rehab or a new home in which to start your next chapter, The Reutlinger Community can offer you a life of freedom and choice in a secure environment that promotes independence and sociability.

Residents can easily transition to different levels of care should their needs ever change, and with a wide array of life-enriching programs and innovative technology to help residents stay active and connected to loved ones, The Reutlinger Community is able to provide abundant opportunities for growth and engagement.

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Our Special Programs: Promoting an Active Lifestyle

The Reutlinger Community

The Reutlinger Community’s mission is to provide high quality health care and social support services to seniors in a life-enhancing and stimulating environment with a commitment to Jewish values.

Our Special Programs

The Reutlinger Community offers residents an array of award-winning programs that engage the mind and renew the spirit. Our nationally-recognized art program, beautiful museum, lecture series, fitness classes and community engagement programs that involve the larger community provide Reutlinger residents with continuous opportunities for personal growth, making new friends, practicing their talents and discovering new ones.

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